Viktoria's Secret Garden 

I am in love with my Garden, a safe haven for all occupants and visitors. Here is where miracles and tragedies happen daily, a reminder of balance and life cycles. My camera is an excellent tool for capturing the wonders.


All dressed up for shipping out to NJ

Giving a home to mockingbird babies who fell out of their nest

Learning to fly

Pomegranate is the best

I have no idea whom she is loving my mint this much

Summer heat makes all of us thirsty

Fragile fairies of the garden

Flowers for essential oils...and for an afternoon snack

Always invited for fresh water during the heat of summer

Taking care of the injured

Helping a young and injured hummingbird reconnecting with Mom for a feed

An old friend (coyote) of our secret garden

My favorite garden visitors

Being happy about my Sunny Weekend Blend


Decided not to kiss this time

Legal imprint